Her UNIQUE MODEL of transformation:

  • Works!! It has been tried and tested on thousands of people internationally to achieve real, potent and outstanding results
  • Has at its heart a kick ass, integrated approach based in Tantra, shamanic & energy healing, holistic life coaching, consciousness and yoga philosophy
  • Supports true tantric living; in the now, beyond duality, fully embracing the body, sexuality, utilising sexual life force energy and cultivating unconditional love.  
  • Is built on genuine, heartfelt relationship based on the new paradigm of relating including – trust, truth, personal responsibility, care, vulnerability, a shared vision and readily accessible support  
  • Holds a powerful, yet gentle space for deep, non-judgmental self-exploration, growth & healing
  • Utilises goals, accountability, challenge, integrity and honesty to keep calling you to step up
  • Artistically combines bringing structure, content and intellect to an organic, soulful, deep, explorative growth process.
  • Gets powerful results when applied individually, to couples and in groups

Combining all the most potent & powerful transformation methods that Louise has studied, researched and experienced first hand. Including; Tantra, life coaching, heart consciousness, yoga, energy work, personal development, mindfulness, spirituality, meditation, psychoimmunology, dance and breathwork.

Offering a range of services from full transformational retreats, exclusive coaching packages, kick ass online and personal programs, group workshops, motivational speaking and more. Tailored to meet your needs as an individual, couple or group.