Revolutionising your love life. Soulmate CPR – It’s time to bring your relationship and your love back to life. Exploring all aspects you and your love life so you can OWN IT. LOVE IT. LIVE IT.

Healthy intimate relationship is a beautiful and powerful place to heal, grow and expand (individually and Together). By its very nature love is expansive and calls forth all that is unhealed and unconscious to be healed and illuminated. Sometimes couples need help with this process. When you get stuck, or are unable to move forward in a positive way your love life can becomes messy, painful and chaotic.

“I know because I have been there many times!!  This work is very close to my own heart and  I’m deeply privileged to work with couples in their relationships. My passion is to support and empower you to break through negative patterns, move forward and fulfil your souls potential together. Relationship is a hot house where all your stuff shows up!! Yeehaaa!! Wonderful if you know what to do with it, and messy and complicated if you don’t. Your love life has the greatest potential to affect your personal growth in a positive and transforming way – if you choose to allow it”.

Take action!

"My experiences were life transforming"

− Viv H

"It was very helpful to have a non biased person to give us a tools to overcome our difficulties we were having at the time… It has provided us with the tools to establish a stable long term relationship."

− GR

"After more than a decade of marriage, and having reached a breaking point, we have rediscovered our connection and cemented our commitment to a future together through our relationship program"

− Nadia

"The greatest gift of this work is that it lays down the foundation for lasting change."

− Matt

"My communication skills have developed to a level I had not thought possible."

− Cathy

"This process really invites you to dive deep into your inner self."

− Hayley