LC2This process has been life changing. I got so much more than I came for. I was searching for belonging, identity and purpose in my life, wondering “What has god designed me for?” Louise helped me unravel the tangles and see what was holding me back- the blockages that were stopping me from fulfilling my purpose. She assisted me to walk into my destiny with clarity, passion, drive, peace and joy.

I had moved country, had children, etc etc, seeking the good life… But I honestly had lost hope of adventure now that ‘I’m a grown up’. People kept telling me my life must be amazing, but something was missing…

God has a plan for everyone’s life. I had always dreamed of rescuing orphans, but my life was far from that dream until I started to see Louise. I realised it’s never too late! Since then we have adopted a child and I went to Cambodia investigating illegal orphanages. Louise helped me so much …She helped me to find me, reach for my dreams and live my purpose.

Joanne Anderson

LCI met Louise by chance. How did the universe know that I had lost my sense of purpose and direction and that I needed ‘something’ to happen, something to change? I didn’t even know what ‘something’ was, I just knew it needed to be discovered.

Meeting and working with Louise was life changing.

The way Louise worked was so closely aligned to what I believed and through our work together she incorporated ways of knowing and being that just felt so right to me.

Two years down the track, after losing my personal and professional confidence, I am now happy and more in balance than I’ve ever been in my life. I got a new job in the profession that I’d thought no longer wanted me and continue to experience success and satisfaction.

Denise Philpott
Senior Early Childhood Teacher

Louise is an inspirational coach. She skillfully guided me from numbing, cynical detachment into a reconnection to life’s beautiful nuances! I have also found much love and joy in finally discovering my own relationship with ‘God’ and what this means for me personally and in my life.
Forever Grateful……

Rory McCallum
Director | Premier Training

Louise held healing space; passionately, calmly, confidently, dynamically and intuitively.

I felt she was committed to holding the light that leads to home, so I could surrender to the exploration of the depths of my own shadow. The clarity of her approach supported my acknowledgement and acceptance of shadow, chaos and the internal suffering I was creating. Awareness applied reopened spaces for my own Light to shine into those pain filled places.

Louise honoured the wisdom of knowing that all I needed was within me and she divinely held the edges of liminal space while I self-soothed and healed vast tracts of my own shadow.

Rachel Pearson
(Matriarch, Shamanic Midwife and Teacher with more to explore)

Louise has honestly changed my life. She has helped me open my mind, allowing me to meet my inner being, while at the same time overcoming a long battle with an eating disorder. Louise works with you and really invites you to dive deep into your inner self. Her work is truly life changing and she has set me on the journey towards a more fulfilling and happy life. I will be forever grateful for Louise’s work and I wish I had started my journey with her earlier.

One of my biggest discoveries is that “Pain can only be fed on pain. Pain cannot feed on joy” (Ekhart Tolle) and I choose joy!!


During a recent trip to Fiji, I had the opportunity to have a session with Louise. I was going through some fairly big transitions in my life and having Louise’s qualified help gave me a chance to process and understand what was going on and how I could effectively deal with these changes. During my session I was given a safe place where I was comfortable to express while Louise shared her wisdom with me. The session concluded with a mind/body healing where I was nurtured and during this healing I experienced shifts of energy within. I have so much gratitude to Louise and her guidance, which has now enabled me to move forward in a more positive way. This change is being noticed by those around me.

Jenny Lambdin

It never occurred to me that Pimp My Life could help me and the road to depression that I was heading down. I was just looking for some direction in my life, with a few goals for the future but it has turned out to be so much more than that!

When I started I felt uninspired by life, low self esteem, exhausted and most of all I did not respect myself. With Louise’s holistic approach I have been able to turn my life around for the better, although at times it has been tough as a lot of healing needed to happen.

It was great to have someone who did not judge me and was just there to listen and guide me on my journey. I have had comments from people about how much I have grown as a person and its all down to Louise and her amazing skills. I find myself telling people that it is one of the best things I’ve ever done – I certainly never thought I would use the sentence ‘yes I love and respect myself’. It has been a very rewarding investment in my life and I don’t intend on looking back!


Louise’s amazing gift has left me feeling inspired, empowered and motivated. I haven’t felt this alive in years! The great range of tools in her holistic approach help to break down barriers and allow you to break free from your current self and become the you that you have always dreamed of.

She has been an amazing coach with just the right balance of listening, prompting & gently putting the carrot under my nose – to tempt my inner self to come out to the light of day and become free from all of my self-imposed barriers.

She has helped me to peel back the layers of conditioning set down since childhood and to take ownership of my fears and inhibitions; to embrace them, realise the toll that they have taken, as well as the good that they have given me.

I have found that judgement is the greatest barrier to love and acceptance, not only of others, but also of myself.

I now have a new awareness of what I am feeling and an understanding of why. This has led to a whole new world of enhanced communication, acceptance and understanding. This put me in a great place to move on to relationship coaching which has invigorated my marriage and set us on a new path, where we are walking side by side with a committed and strengthened bond to each other.

She is generous with her time and space and has been every bit as committed to creating changes in my life as I am.
Louise is an inspiring person to have met and learnt from and for me, the greatest gift of her work is that it lays down the foundation for lasting change. This is a gift that has, and will continue to, positively change the lives of people within our community.


Beyond the scope of conventional coaching or counselling, Louise Claire’s point of difference is in her holistic approach, which recognises the multi-faceted nature of all people and their reality. This approach is substantial and thorough enough to create positive and lasting changes to the lives of her clientele.

I have worked with Louise in both an individual & relationship program and I hold a very strong testimony for the efficacy of her methods as well as how the application of her innate strengths of perception, wisdom and compassion enhance her work.

My experience of individual coaching has been both empowering and motivating. I am empowered – within myself, to create and maintain the best life for myself and for those whom I love. I am motivated – to self-direct and take action towards my life vision and goals.

Upon seeing and experiencing the leaps and bounds in my personal growth, my husband also decided to seek out Louise’s individual coaching services and we have started relationship coaching as well. After more than a decade of marriage, and having reached a breaking point, we have rediscovered our connection and cemented our commitment to a future together through our relationship coaching.

The impetus to create a happier, healthier life is what this service provides and it is also one of the gifts of this work, to the wider world. I have first-hand experience in the ripple effect of Louise’s work whereby the positive differences in my own life, as an individual, flow-on to affect how I operate within my family, whānau and community. For these reasons, and many more, I wholeheartedly recommend Louise’s services to anyone who wishes to lead their best life possible.

I applaud Louise in her important work, and in her enthusiasm to use her skill in aid of others. Furthermore, I am enormously grateful to have had access to a service such as this. There is massive potential for Louise to affect real and positive change in the community. After all, every community thrives on vision and progress to culminate potential into actuality – and these are the very same values that are upheld by Louise Claire.


My vision has come into manifest and I am choosing life with enthusiasm. I have completely shifted patterns around my way of being. Awesome tools were used and Lou guided me every step and held a safe space for healing. I have a much greater awareness of my thought patterns and how I am being.

The tools and techniques that Louise utilised assisted me in self-developmental growth, but it was her ability to have empathy and remain centered and focused on her role, that truly allowed me to discover my own path.

As a result of my work with Louise, I could acknowledge my strengths and talents and confidently begin the initial set-up stage of my business. Her methods elicit insightful and positive responses in me that assist in maintaining a clear direction for myself and my business. This process is incredibly empowering.

Louise has unique attributes that are a gift to her profession. She has finely tuned intuitive capabilities and a deep understanding of human nature. I believe that her dynamic and purpose driven personality will result in success. I highly recommended Louise and I have complete faith in her ability to provide a service, with authenticity and integrity.