These are little tasters of the treasures that clients discover and integrate through their process. The journey is unique to each individual and your discoveries will be perfect for you and the areas you are developing and expanding.

I do know what I want in life!! I can be strong in myself, independent. I can be free to be myself and stop trying to be someone I’m not.


I discovered a brick wall with words written all over it, graffiti, negativity all over it, my own thoughts about me. I have faced this wall many times since and I have faced it in different ways but I haven’t run away like I would normally. I see it for what it is and I am able to remember who I really am and find peace.


I realised I distract myself from my feelings, it’s like there are all these boxes inside of me, looks like anger but there are other emotions inside to. I need to clean them out, there’s grief in there too and not put the lids back on. When I express them there’s magic at the bottom. There’s this fake way of being (like a robot) which I thought was who I am but it’s not really who I am, its protected me and helped to hold me together when I’ve found things so hard, but I don’t need it any more. Everything will be ok, I can be yielding and peel away the protection, be vulnerable and softer.


I trust that the universe is never going to put me in a place I can’t go, when I am in alignment with my true self where I can go is far greater than I ever imagined I could go.


I need to remind myself I am the ruler of my own world, anything is possible.


The doing is secondary to the being


I discovered a heart inside of me, its small and it needs to grow, I need to nurture and feed it and replace the plumbing of my mind with my heart, my love to flush out my judgement. I’ve become aware of my mind and my heart as being separate.

Doreen (82 year old client!!)

I don’t want to let those decisions from the past rule my life anymore, determine who I am. I need to stop believing the past is who I am, I choose to stop believing that!!


There’s a little girl inside of me who wants to grow up, to be seen and respected, to step forward from the image of being the quiet, shy little sister.


What we do in our lives is really important, we all have the capacity to make a difference. My life’s purpose goes to the wayside when I get busy, I am creating more balance and focusing on the things I love.


Whatever was in the past was not in my control, what is in my control is the now and how I choose to bring the past into my life now. I’m not holding on, I forgive, I’m letting go of the past and standing stronger and taller in strength and freedom.


I can acknowledge my place in how I’m experiencing things and realise its limiting and isolating, I’m blocking myself from seeing the big, beautiful world and those who make it nicer for me. It’s not who i am. I can step into love just as easily and be held by that. My self doubt, not deserving, fear, holding myself back…I’m doubting my own power….no one can repress it (my power) except me.


I choose to be a beacon of light that shines out into the world


I have learned how to love, nurture and parent myself, to help myself stand up when I fall, to welcome myself home.


I need to get out there, connect more, just do it and not hold back. Move forward and connect to my heart, not my fear or my mind. I’ve realised I have a choice to release the pain and the hurt, to be free to live in the present. I’ve joined the human race, I’m making decisions for myself and not seeking permission from anyone else.

Helen (80year old client!!)

I now choose to feed myself with whatever I need to nourish and sustain myself.


It’s time to step up and be accountable to myself for fulfilling and actualising my vision. Stop looking outside myself. I take responsibility for the movement I create. I’m denying my belief in myself, my creative power to truly effect my world and the world around me. a million pictures of me that weren’t allowed to be drawn. Step up and be the star performer in my life, put myself out there for myself. I’m finding the freedom to give myself permission to be as big and bold as I can be, as I dare to be…. I’m just really rocking what I’ve got.

Nadia (80year old client!!)

I need to take time to do something I enjoy for myself, to take space to think, to truly be honest with myself and decide what I want. I need to make space within myself, release what’s inside of me, I can’t just record over what’s there, the old emotional baggage. It feels good to let out the frustration and pain, long overdue, it’s creating space for the future, for my potential. It’s time to move beyond my fear and my reasons and express my true self. I have an understanding of what’s holding me back from creating who I want to be.