Integrate mind and body and discover a whole new world – that is available to you at all times! Mind body living is about choosing to live in a way that connects you powerfully to your self and integrates mind and body. This allows you to live in a more healthy, balanced and centred way where you are mindful of how your body and mind respond to the world that is occurring all around you. Beginning to realise that you are so much more than your mind, you can begin to come home to your deeper self and live more authentically within your body. Ultimately this leads to you realising your full potential, and accessing the fullness of holistic information that is available to you. This then becomes a guiding source for your actions, decisions and in your life overall.

Drop out of the busy mind, into the body and learn to notice and discern the subtle information that is communicated to you through your body and energy system. Mind body living connects you to yourself in a powerful, yet gentle way through the use of mindfulness, guided meditation, breath, movement, dance, sound and holding asana postures designed to open and release held parts of the body which store stuck energy and emotion. Ultimately it becomes a lifestyle where the practice is mindfulness in day to day life.

Yoga, meditation, breath, movement, dance all help to enhance the connection that is already, always there.

When we are connected to mind and body we naturally become more passionate about health, wellness and mind body living. Choosing to take the best care of the one body that you have to inhabit for this lifetime. Connecting inwards beyond the crazyness of the mind you can discover the beauty of your unique and amazing body. You can discover how it wants to move, what food energises and nourishes it, and how to live within your body in a joyful, energetic and loving way.

Most people live primarily in their minds, listening to their thoughts (or being unconsciously lead by their thoughts) and ignoring, or being completely oblivious of their bodies, hearts and intuition.

We are only partly alive when we live in this way and are much more likely to feel disconnection, stress, anxiety, fear and shutdown. For many people mind body connection is the beginning of their connection to a higher power, of their discovery of god/spirituality. Spirit speaks to us through our subtle body, if we are disconnected from this then we will be unable to hear the loving voice and guidance of god. Note: Louise’s work has no specific spiritual or religious basis, your spirituality will be honoured and respected

“Louise skillfully guided me from numbing cynical detachment into a reconnection to life’s beautiful nuances! I have found much love and joy in finally finding my ‘God’ and that relationship is never dull. Forever Grateful”

– Rory


Yoga is a great way to begin the process of mind/body integration and living. Louise is a trained Heart of Yoga and Yin Yoga Teacher and is passionate about everyone finding “their yoga” and living yoga on and off the mat. Offering classes, retreats and personalised 1:1 sessions within Fiji primarily and Australia and New Zealand. Connecting mind, body and breath through a gentle yet powerful mindful practice to bring people home to themselves. See events for classes and workshop. Please make contact if you wish to co-create an event in your area.


Moving our bodies to music is something people all around the world have always done. Dance is a great way to connect into the body, release blockages, move our energy and connect to our passion and creativity. Louise runs Ignite Yoga Dance freedom workshops, exploring self through music, movement and breath. She is also a Zumba instructor teaching high energy, dynamic and invigorating classes to help people connect to their bodies, increase their energy, get fit and discover a freedom to move in ways they never imagined possible. See events for classes and workshop. Please make contact if you wish to co-create an event in your area.