How to get a life with CFS/ME chronic fatigue….. | Louise Claire

How to get a life with CFS/ME chronic fatigue…..

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How to get a life with CFS/ME

Jacqueline's Question : How is it possible to 'get out there and do things' with a condition like CFS/ME ? Sometimes it's 'damed if I do' (backlash) or 'damed if I don't' (lack of 'normal life' happening) xAnswer: Thanks for the question. Please see video. Summary of my response is below:Looking at it holistically: 1. How are you supporting your system – nutritionally, sleepwise, reduced stress, adrenal supports? 2. Are you aware of an emotional component to your illness? What triggers it emotionally? How are your boundaries? From a holistic perspective illness and injury have an emotional component which needs to be explored with the physical symptoms. 3. Create a vision for the life you want. How would you feel, what would you do, who are you being? Focus on the things that you really want to do and slowly try adding them into your lifestyle with a rest day afterwards. Take note of how you feel afterwards.Addional thought – How has this condition made you change ways of behaviour and patterns? IF you look at the inner aspect of the condition then you will get some insights into why it is there and how to move forward xx

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