IMG_0864 (2)Louise spent much of her early adult life feeling disconnected, unhappy, caged, held back and struggling to fully express her true self, to own who she authentically was and feel truly empowered in her own life.  Her own unconscious conditioning, fears and limiting self beliefs were stifling and at times caused excruciating emotional pain and depression.  She knew something was missing.  She felt a deep call to be a bigger version of herself, to find the path of freedom, liberation and true power. 

As a natural seeker, Louise’s consciousness journey began at 14 with the discovery and resonance with the Celestine Prophecy.  For over 20 years she has explored embodiment, consciousness, spirituality, intimacy & sexuality through a wide range of holistic modalities.  Seeking to overcome her own limitations to freedom and supporting others to do the same.

Her own profound awakening was painfully and beautifully facilitated by intense burn out while managing a social service organisation in her late 20’s, then the breakdown of her marriage and family unit at 31.  While suffering severe anxiety and single parenting 2 preschool children she followed her heart and embarked on her 2 year Holistic Life Coach training (Dip).

Here she had her first true experience of samadhi – coming home.  Profoundly connecting to her soul self, spirit and life through the cultivation of intense presence, peace and love beyond her busy, egoic mind.  Her complete brokenness allowed her to find her true self, deeply and fully receive god and reclaim her life.

“I slowly peeled back the layers of pain and unconsciousness and discovered who I was underneath my conditioning, underneath the fear, the mask, my circumstance and negative patterns of thought and behaviour.  I came home to myself in a profound way and discovered how to connect to myself in a whole and soulful way where peace, excitement and life are accessible at all times…I discovered how to be present to myself and my life in a way I never had before, to be able to drop out of my busy mind and to be truly free in myself.

I realised on a ‘soul level’ for the first time that I really did have the power to break through my limitations and create the life I wanted. The yearning inside of me was real and tangible, it was my soul urging me to wake up, heal and become conscious.  All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and I saw clearly how to facilitate powerful awakening, transformation, healing and growth, and was guided to create a model to support and empower others through that process. My experience of painful separation and divorce inspired me to also create a powerful, confronting & transformative couples program”.

Louise launched Pimp My Life (Life & Love Makeovers mindbodysoul) NZ, Fiji & Internationally. Deepening her embodiment knowledge she trained as a Yin & Heart of Yoga Teacher and is a privileged student, friend and assistant teacher to Mark Whitwell – Heart of Yoga (direct student of Krishnamacharya).

She is passionate about healing the sexual dysfunction, lack of true intimacy and love in the personal, societal and transpersonal fields.  Following the call to deep dive into a full immersion of sacred, shamanic sexuality and healing. Gaining her full Priestess Initiation in Israel, kundalini activation, completing various trainings including  ISTA; Practitioner Training, SSSEX 1- India, SSSIN 2- Aus.

Louise has been nomadic for the last year and lived in Fiji 2 years prior to that – following her heart and spiritual guidance to travel and teach with her 2 children and open their minds to life and the world.  

As Louise cultivated her essential energy, sexuality and power she found herself naturally and easily becoming a bit of a purist –  maximising energy & vitality and reaching altered states of reality through intimacy with life, body, breath, sex, spirit, nature and healthy living free of alcohol, drugs or stimulants.

Louise is so excited to be living her passion, fulfilling her purpose and bringing her heart’s desire to life in a way that helps others.  She is the real deal, walking the talk and living and breathing what she shares and teaches.

“I have lived in a cage, I have desperately yearned to be free. I was broken open by life and I surrendered.  Through going into the depth of my pain I have found my greatest power and now I’m free and wild and I want you to be too!! Allow me to believe in you and show you how you can do it too.  Answer the call from deep within you to unleash your true self and find your fucking liberation!”