• Diploma in Life Coaching (Holistic)
  • International School of Temple Arts; Sacred Sexual Practitioner Training – Israel,  SSSEX  Level 1 – India, SSSIN Level 2 – Australia
  • Bachelor of Business Studies (Communication & Human Resource Management)
  • Heart of Yoga, Tantra and Yin Yoga Teacher
  • Experience in: Multinational business; coaching, training & consulting. Management; Social service & business. Retreat,  programme & workshop development & facilitation. Company director in New Zealand and Fiji 
  • Mother of 2 beautiful children
  • Ignite Yoga Dance facilitator/Zumba instructor

Savvy Holistic Healer, Teacher & Coach

“She will lovingly kick your ass inorder to inspire you to fulfil your potential and live your dreams”.

Louise is a Tantric Priestess of play, power, love and sex. Turning you on fully to life! She is an edge rider & deep diver – powerfully calling herself & others to be free, wild, juicy & fully alive!!  

She gets powerful results because of her unique mix of; dynamic fire, power, energy and mental clarity AND heart, intuition, and deep, calm presence.  Skillfully bridging spiritual, energetic, shamanic tantric practices and practical, tangible, cognitive and somatic tools.

Working powerfully with shakti, kundalini, heart and eros energy, sexual awakening and full, blissful, embodied living and loving.

An International Gypsy lead by her wild heart to travel, learn & teach with her 2 children in India, Israel, Indonesia, Thailand, Borneo, Australia, NZ & Fiji.

Unleash your MAX ALIVENESS, pleasure, power & energy activation – beyond mind discovering the infinite possibilities of self and life. Louise’s true passion is for sharing new paradigms for tantric living, loving and sexuality.

She is all about;

  • MAX aliveness & turn on – live fully, powerfully, intentionally & intimately. 
  • Wake up & step up – take responsibility, stop mind fucking, live consciously and in the NOW. Courageously fulfil your soul’s purpose. 
  • Liberation & juicy embodiment – claim your sex, own your body and your desire. Claim your life & find your true freedom. 
  • Unleash your wildness – access and integrate your shadow, return to primal intuition, power and wisdom. Let loose and show up powerfully in your own existence!!  
  • Fearless Love –  Deepen into your heart to create wild intimacy & unconditional love
  • Sex God/dess – be a conscious, confident, spiritual lover.
  • Play – reclaim play & adventure as a pathway to healing & liberation.
  • Inner Fire Activation – activate your vital energy for high vibe living.  Harness sexual, lifeforce energy as powerful fuel for life.
  • True tantric living – present, beyond duality & judgement, sovereign, whole & integrated. Release what is blocking you, strengthen your wounded aspects to find wholeness.  Balance your healthy masculine and feminine aspects – strength that is receptive.
  • Spiritual purge – Release fear, guilt, shame and judgement.
  • Tune in – listen to your heart, body and spiritual wisdom and guidance.

"You push us to confront ourselves in such an awesome way – supportive, calm and wise, while maintaining an electric vibration of urgency, of possibility…you make us believe change is possible!! Most importantly you empower us!! Gifting us with tools to manage our own lives, rather than draw us into a dependent relationship with you."

− Millie

"Louise is an inspirational coach.."

− Rory

"Louise has finely tuned intuitive capabilities and a deep understanding of human nature. Her dynamic and purpose driven personality will result in success."

− Vicky

"Louise has a beautiful balance of working intuitively from her heart and responding with intelligence and logic."

− Viv

"Louise is a very gentle and sensitive person who listened, encouraged and gently brought me back to a place of peace."

− Joanne

"Louise helped me to push through my resistance in a gentle way, challeging me to keep going when I want to stop. I felt safe..."

− Helen