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"This process has been life changing. I really didn’t expect such a change in me personally. I got so much more than I came for, I came looking for purpose in my life, what has god designed me for? I feel I now have clarity, passion, drive, peace and joy."

− Joanne

"My vision has come into manifest and I am choosing life with enthusiasm. I have completely shifted patterns around my way of being. Awesome tools were used and Lou guided me every step and held a safe space for healing. I have a much greater awareness of my thought patterns and how I am being."

− Vicky

"My experience of individual coaching has been both empowering and motivating. I am empowered – within myself, to create and maintain the best life for myself and for those whom I love. I am motivated – to self-direct and take action towards my life vision and goals."

− Nadia

"With excitement and empowerment I’m stepping into my destiny."

− Michelle

"I'm free to give myself permission to be as big and bold as I can be, as I dare to be."

− Nadia

"The truth is "I CAN" whatever I want....I CAN"

− Jenny

"This work is truely life changing"

− Hayley

"We have rediscovered our connection and cemented our commitment to a future together"

"My vision has come into manifest and I am choosing life with enthusiasm"

− Vicki